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What is Helpful NPCs?

At Helpful NPCs, gaming isn't just a hobby. It's our lifelong passion. Game night stokes our imagination like nothing else in our lives. Years of gaming have provided us with the opportunity to make an army of awesome allies, defeat hordes of (mostly) imaginary foes, and create lasting memories of gaming campaigns past. We formed Helpful NPCs to create products that we can use to make game night better.

The Origin Story

Tabletop gaming is awesome, but it can be a hassle. There are tons of supplies to pack, and that often means carrying stuff out of your car in a precarious pile or jamming your treasured gear at the bottom of your book bag. Then there's keeping it all organized. After another night of forgotten character sheets and miniatures, our founding partner thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if all of our gaming stuff was in one spot so we could grab it and go?”

Why Character Case?

Character Case is compact, yet it holds all the gaming essentials. It protects our stuff and keeps it organized. And, if we say so ourselves, it looks pretty darn cool. Until we actually held Character Case in our hands, we didn’t realize how much we needed it. Or how excited we were to share it.

We want to make gaming easy for ourselves--and you.

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