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Character Case 2.0

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Keep your tabletop gaming supplies organized and never leave your character sheet at home again. With a Character Case, you can store all your gaming supplies in one convenient location: dice, paper, pencils, index cards, and your favorite miniature.

It's easy. Just grab it and go.



Lightweight and durable, Character Case gives your gaming gear +1 Armor Class. With a plethora of storage spaces, it's like a bag of holding for your gaming gear.


Dice Rolling Tray

Keep your dice close at hand--and keep them on the table. Your Character Case won't help you make your saving throws, but it will stop them from tumbling into your cat’s food bowl.

Miniatures Holder

You didn’t spend hours painting Throngar’s kilt just to chip it in your bookbag.  Character Case's foam cushions his journey to the dungeon...but no promises once he enters. 

Card Carrier

Whether you need index cards for tracking initiative or playing cards so you can really roleplay that Deck of Many Things, your Character Case has room for them.

Pencil Sheath

Why search for pencils when you should be searching for traps? Your Character Case's pencil sheath holds writing utensils for when your lead breaks..

Character Display

A hardback surface holds your character sheet during adventures and battles. Jot down used spell slots and missing hit points, even when you're lounging on the couch.​

Paper Storage

Never leave Blackleaf's character sheet at home again. Your Character Case opens into a convenient location to store your character sheet, spell list, and dastardly schemes.

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